Sake Bar Doron

Shinjuku, Tokyo

It is sake time!

Sake Bar Doron is a full-service Izakaya, Japanese gastropub, and we offer a full-course pairing meal with sake, sake tasting class and more. It is run by an experienced Kaiseki Chef, Kaji, and Sake Sommelier, Yuma. 

Although our regular customers are mostly locals working in Shinjuku, we offer services in English to raise awareness of the deep & interesting sake culture to English-speaking customers from overseas. 

What our customers say about our sake bar

  • Super cozy place, English-speaking staff, and delicious variety of food and drinks. I don’t normally drink sake, but I had 3 different ones here and really enjoyed the pairing with the food that was selected. I would say the sashimi platter was my favorite of the night. Highly recommend!!

    New Zealand
  • Came in for a sake tasting. Yuma-san’s knowledge and expertise is extremely clear. The bar itself is situated nearer the business side of Shinjuku. The sake selection looks vast ranging from new to aged and pasteurized and unpasteurized.

  • We really loved the fried puffer fish. The gyoza are the best in Tokyo, and their drink selection continues to have something for everyone, alcoholic or otherwise. Their staff is super sweet!


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Sake Bar Doron Location

Experience the authentic sake culture in Sake Bar Doron in Shinjuku.

sake bar tokyo doron store front


Address: 7-19-21 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku, Tokyo

2 minutes from Nishi-Shinjuku st. Exit E8, 7 minutes from Shinjuku st. West Exit.

Hours: 5:30pm-11pm, Wed-Sat

Reservations: 03-5941-3473 or email at

For sake tasting and food pairing dinner, a reservation at least a day before is required.